Bad localement of thermostat need fixing

I don’t think who designed this home but it was a certainly stupid idea to put the thermostat right over the dishwasher! The heat from the dishwasher gives the thermostat false studying and makes it think it is much warmer in the home than it certainly is whenever the dishwasher is running, then in the Wintertide the two of us freeze because the heating system won’t kick on for 2 hours while the dishes are being washed.

  • In the summer time the two of us freeze again because the cooling system won’t turn off while the dishes are being washed.

The thermostat is 1 of those certainly seasoned 1 that has a dial to turn and set the temperature on and it is wired into the wall. I think our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system is not that super seasoned but the thermostat certainly is. I bet the thermostat was in the home office before this home even had a dishwasher and that’s the reason for the poor layout. I hesitated to call a heating and air guy to come and transfer the thermostat because I assumed it would be a lot of labor and would require ripping wires out of the walls but enough was enough, and when the serviceman came out he said that the seasoned thermostat could simply be covered with a plate cover and he could install a up-to-date wireless thermostat someplace in the home I want. What a relief. The up-to-date thermostat cost myself and others under $100 and now it is localed in the hallway, away from the dishwasher, and I certainly wish I had done this earlier instead of waiting so long.


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