A very cold a/c plan

The first indication I had that my cooling system might now be laboring properly was when there was frost all over the outside component and the hoses leading into the house.

This was despite the fact that it was over 90 degrees outside.

I don’t feel how everything works although I do feel that it is not normal for frost all over any part of my cooling system. It was then that I also noticed that my cooling system was not turning off at all. In fact, it seemed to be running all day long. Shortly after that, I noticed that, despite running all of the time, my house was not cooling normally. It was time to call out the cooling system businesss to come and take a look. It turned out to be an self-explanatory fix. Something was clogging a vent or something. Then the business told myself and others he would need to turn on the heating system to defrost my machine. I didn’t prefer this at all. It was way toowarmto use the heater. Then he told myself and others it would only heat up outside because there is a switch to keep thewarmair out of my house. This made myself and others a little bit happier. It did not take long for the frost to dissipate in the summer time air with the heating system on. Once that was done, he turned our cooling system back on and my house started to cool down once more. The cooling system didn’t run nonstop anymore either, so that’s good. It was absolutely wasting a ton of money on my electric bill before.



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