I missed my air conditioner while I was at camp

I loved going to camp as a child.

There was nothing like it.

It was truly the highlight of my year. We kids went to a Christian, summer camp each year, and it was such a blast. It has been many years since those good old days, and now I am a youth leader in my church. The teens in my group go to the same camp each summer that I attended as a child. They seem to love it just as much as I did as a child. They have been trying to convince me to go to a week of camp with them for about five years now. I finally decided to give in and go to a week of summer camp with them. I did not realize what I was getting myself into. It was the hottest week of the entire year, and I spent it in a cabin without air conditioning. It was so hot that I slept outside on the tiny porch attached to the backside of our cabin almost every night. I probably only slept about seven hours the entire week of camp. It was brutally hot, and I learned the hard way that I am not quite as nice as I was when I was little when it comes to being hot and uncomfortable all week long. I was very grumpy, but I tried not to show the kids how grumpy I was. None of them complained about not having air conditioning. They just sucked it up and went on having fun. I wish so badly that I could have done that, but getting older changes things. After the week was finally over, I went home and refused to leave my air conditioned house for three days straight.

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