Can’t Manage Wonderful Climate Control In My House

One major issue I have in my condo is managing perfect temperature control.

It isn’t all year round.

This only happens in the Summer time weeks. The reason being, is that the temperature is so absurdly hot, you never can get the official temperature in your home, no matter how you set the temperature control. I have searched and searched on several websites to try to find an answer to this ongoing issue, however there is no real answers I guess, and all these websites keep telling me is that there may be something wrong with my central HVAC system. Which, if this was the actual case, then why am I all fine with my heating and temperature control during the Winter? None of it makes any sense! For instance, i’ll be feeling adore I am in the middle of a gas gas furnace, so I will crank the air conditioning down to cool the condo off. Within about a half an second or so, I am abruptly freezing as if I am living in an iceberg in the deep realms of Alaska or something. Then, running the ceiling fans makes it even colder. So, I repeat this process over and over of turning the temperature control up, then turning it down. My utility bills have been insane. This happens every year and I almost go broke trying to pay them! I hope that someday, I can get this issue figured out. Because so far, the websites and the internet have been no help what so ever! How can I get respected temperature control in here?

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