Our final goodbye to our favorite HVAC professional

When we learned that the HVAC technician we had been working with for years was leaving the area, we were really sad about this news.

We decided to throw him a little going away party during our last service appointment with him.

We even wrote him a really nice thank you note for all of his hard work and loyal service with our HVAC equipment. Seriously, nobody did a better job than this guy. He would always explain in detail everything that was going on whenever we experienced any issues with the HVAC system. The one time we had a coolant leak and he was able to locate the location of the leak and he fixed it up with no problem. He then was able to refill the coolant and we had ice cold A/C again in no time. When we had this little celebration for our HVAC technician, he was very thankful to us because nobody had ever done anything like that for him before. We heard that he was going to the South were he would be focusing mostly on working on cooling systems. He said he was going to miss helping us out with our HVAC equipment and that we were one of his favorite clients. He would always laugh and joke with our kids, so they were always happy when he was over. Now they were sad too that he was leaving. Even before he left, they all gave him a big hug and said their final goodbyes. Of course we would get a new HVAC service professional, but I doubt that anybody else could top our favorite HVAC worker who was unfortunately leaving.

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