It seems all the fighting has stopped

It’s never easy dealing with conflict in our home, but it happens all the time. One of the most annoying problems we seem to have in our household is the fact that everybody can’t agree on the same temperature control settings. All the time everybody seems to be fighting over this and it seems entirely ridiculous to me. I usually tell everyone to leave the temperature control at 71 degrees because I feel that’s a fair temperature, but somebody is always saying it’s either too hot or too cold. I considered locking the temperature control so nobody could mess around with it, but then I thought that might not be fair to everybody. It sure would beat all the constant back and forth with the temperature control settings though. Finally I thought to call up the HVAC company to see what they had to say about it. That’s when I learned that I could upgrade the HVAC system to zone control. That would basically allow multiple thermostats in various zones of the house to heat and cool all the zones at a customized temperature. I thought that sounded pretty neat. Also, there was the option to just use one smart thermostat that could control all the zones easily as well. I liked the idea of having just one thermostat so I decided we would go for that. Soon enough, we had the HVAC zone control installed. It’s funny, my home used to be full of non-stop fighting, but now that we have HVAC zone control, the fighting is to a minimum level!

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