I unexpectedly got a phone number

When I graduated from high school, I decided to attend a trade school.

I went for my HVAC certification which I was able to get in roughly 6 months.

I then trained with great HVAC professionals at this fabulous HVAC company. I love their business ethics. They don’t force sales on anybody and our number one priority is to be honest with the customers and keep them happy. Also if anybody is able to find a competing price that is better than our services, we will lower our service rates to match theirs. It really doesn’t get much better than that! Well, I have been so busy with work and never really got into any kind of relationship with anybody. For a long while, I was feeling pretty lonely and this was becoming a drag on my life. All I had at home was my dog who was always happy to see me. Then one day at this particular service appointment, I was stunned when the young lady opened the door. She was absolutely beautiful and I didn’t notice a ring on her finger. She got to talking to me right away, she had a very cheerful and optimistic attitude. She seemed upset that her cooling system wasn’t working properly. So I looked around with her checking out the HVAC and all the components. I finally was able to find that there was a coolant leak. She was shocked, but I assured her that I could fix it with no problem. The whole time I was answering all her questions. She told me a lot about her life and even said how her husband passed away in the military a number of years ago. I felt bad for her, but she said she was alright. We got along so well, she gave me her number and told me to call her sometime!

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