I have a great life and career

I’m the type of guy who has always believed in the people.

  • I feel that most people are naturally good and I don’t like to judge.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others out, that is why I always got into volunteer work at an early age. It’s a really great way to meet a lot of people and just feel good for helping people who are in need. Some buddies of mine talked me into attending a trade school with them to get our HVAC certifications. This was a great idea because there is good money in the HVAC business, and all the necessary schooling can be completed relatively quickly. This made it so I would be able to focus on a lot of volunteer work and help people out through my profession. I wished that I could help all these people for little or no cost, which was impossible with the company I ended up working for. My buddys and I all agreed that it would be nice to help those people who were struggling. Because let’s face it, not everybody can afford to have their HVAC system worked on regularly. This type of work can get very costly, and with how the economy is these days, a lot of people really need a break. I brought up the idea that maybe we should start our own HVAC company and offer special deals to those people in need. Everybody actually loved the sound of this. We all figured why not, because we all had the skills for the work and the tools, we just needed to invest in a few more things. So we all worked hard and saved up money to invest in our own business. We are doing very well these days and the best part is that I am able to offer people low prices, and we even offer charity for places in need like homeless shelters. It’s a great life and career!

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