There is nothing wrong with the air conditioning

I have had to call the HVAC company several times over the last month.

My air conditioning isn’t giving me the cooling that I should be getting.

I have my thermostat set at sixty-eight, but I can’t get the temperature below seventy-two. I keep telling them that my air conditioner is running all the time, but they always tell me there is nothing wrong and then they charge me for a service call. I don’t understand how there can not be anything wrong, and yet my air conditioning continues to run. My energy bill was almost $100 more than it was the month before, so this tells me there is something wrong. Not only the energy bill, but the fact that it is too warm to be comfortable. I am considering calling a different HVAC company to see what they think about the air conditioner, but I am afraid of what they are going to charge me. I talked to my son and my daughter and they are urging me to make a phone call to their HVAC company. They also have heard the way my AC unit is constantly running. I’m hoping that when I call them, they come out and finally find the problem so I can get my AC unit fixed. I’m afraid that my HVAC company just sees a cash cow and that is why they aren’t fixing the AC unit for me. I’ll let my daughter call her HVAC company and ask their opinion and we’ll go from there. I just want my air conditioning fixed.

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