Where did the heating go?

When winter first started, I had the HVAC company inspect my furnace.

They told me that it looked good and they did a few minor repairs. It is only January and I am having some problems. I don’t know where all of my heating has gone. I no longer have heat coming from my air ducts. My husband changed the air filter and he said they didn’t look bad and there was very little dirt on them. He even cleaned the air ducts in a hope that there was a lot of dust and debris in there. He took the vacuum out and cleaned inside, just in case there was something inside that he couldn’t see. As the heating continued to dwindle, so did my husband’s patience. Three days later, he was calling the HVAC company to see what the problem was. The only thing they could see was that we may need to have our ductwork cleaned. They called the ductwork cleaning company and had them come out and clean the ductwork. The next day, they had their huge vacuum cleaner at our house and they were cleaning the ductwork. I was stunned to see so much dirt and debris coming from our ductwork. I couldn’t figure out how so much had got inside the ductwork. Once the ductwork was cleaned and sanitized, they went through and sealed the ductwork and repaired to holes they had found that were the size of quarters. They told us that our heating was coming out of those holes and going into the basement, instead of into the house.


furnace/heater tune-up

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