Clean your ductwork

It wasn’t until my husband and I were losing our heating, that we realized how important it was to do maintenance to the ductwork.

  • The HVAC company doesn’t change air filters, nor do they do any maintenance.

What the HVAC company does for your ductwork is that they get a professional ductwork cleaner they work with, and they have them clean and sanitize the ductwork. During the process, they are able to check for any cracks in the ductwork, or even holes. They insert a sealant into the ductwork that will seal any cracks and even seal up holes that are up to an inch in diameter. When we had the HVAC company do our ductwork, it was because we didn’t have good airflow of our heating into the house. It was at that time that we knew we had to pay just as much attention to the ductwork as we did to the furnace and the air conditioner. Now, we have the HVAC company send someone to our house to clean the ductwork, on a yearly basis. I was appalled at how much dirt and debris had gathered in our ductwork and I couldn’t only imagine that it was in the air we breathe. With the ductwork being cleaned and sanitized every year, I also get the ductwork inspected and sealed. It is a bit pricey, but our home smells cleaner and we know that clean ductwork helps with better airflow. I can’t think of any way better to know that I am breathing cleaner air and my HVAC system is working better.


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