Creating a spare bedroom with a ductless mini split and an attached lanai

I could have never anticipated my mother’s rapid decline in health if you had asked me years in advance. I might have argued that my mother was as strong or stronger than most men her age and could lead a platoon through battle if she needed or desired to. But, we tend to look for the best in the people we love, while either implicitly or explicitly ignoring the bad. This applies as much to someone’s health as it does to their character. We all simply failed to take notice of her rapidly declining health, and before the family knew it, she was no longer capable of living alone and taking care of herself. Instead of throwing her in a nursing home, I jumped in to help out. I offered to take her in right away, but then realized I had no extra bedroom in my house to accommodate her. My mind spiralled out of control, feeling equally ashamed and concerned over my predicament. Thankfully, it was at that moment when I remembered my lanai. Lanai’s are essentially screened in patios—some of them have brick or wood frames, but in my case, mine is literally a metal frame room with plastic windows for walls and an aluminum roof. I got the idea to get the room remodelled and turn it into an attached bedroom. I called my heating and cooling technician to install a ductless mini split in the bedroom after I had a contractor finish the room with drywall and brand new double pane windows. Now my mom has her own bedroom with zone controlled heating and cooling. She can set her air conditioning or furnace to whatever temperature she prefers without affecting the rest of the house.

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