Had air flow problems in my house before my new HVAC air return was in place

It took several years, but at last I have new ductwork and a new air conditioner and furnace.

Although I have loved my house from the moment I first stepped foot in it, there was never an end to the ongoing list of problems ranging from trivial or aesthetic all the way up to structural and essential. One of the first things I did after moving in was paint both the interior and exterior walls, choosing a pale blue color for inside and an egg shell white for the outside. Not long after that, I had to have the pipes in my bathroom replumbed and then a new septic tank installed in the backyard. These were major expenses after signing papers for a 30-year mortgage on a house outside my budget to begin with. Despite the hurdles, I have trudged forward and fixed most of the problems in my home. But, this past year I finally had to put in a new air conditioning system. When I first had it installed, my HVAC technician explained that I had less than optimal air flow because of the design of the ventilation and the chosen machine that was paired with the odd ductwork. All of these factors led to inefficient energy usage whenever trying to cool or heat my house. I finally had enough and decided to save whatever I could from each paycheck to afford a costly new HVAC system. It took several years, but at last I have new ductwork and a new air conditioner and furnace. Not only is my airflow problem fixed, but this machine cools and heats my home faster than my old one, with more force behind the flow of air coming out each air register in the ceiling. This new system also moved the intake air return from its original place near the floor up to the ceiling where it is located now. My technician explained that having the intake return up high improves air circulation and lengthens the life of each air filter, since so much dust and dirt from the floor is no longer getting kicked directly into the return. It’s hard for me to fathom how I lived without these new improvements for so long, or the unsavory degree of money wasted using an old and inefficient system.



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