A humidistat was the solution to my energy usage financial woes

I work in animal rescue and have for several years.

As much as I adore my job and the impact I have, the pay leaves me feeling stressed and fearful as I navigate medical bills, huge rental fees, raising gas prices, and unanticipated mechanical and household problems.

There was no job I would have rather had while I was a teenager, being a huge animal lover then as much as I am now. I have wanted this career for the entirety of my life. But, I don’t think I could have guessed then how much financial insecurity working for this particular company would give me. Right now, it’s extremely hot outdoors everyday with the afternoons being the worst. Although the temperatures have been steady in the 90s most days, the humidity can range anywhere between 40% and 95%. When it’s nearly 100%, I am forced into running my air conditioner just to make the air feel less sticky, regardless of whether or not there’s a decent breeze rolling through my windows. This was quickly becoming an energy drain. I told my HVAC technician and he explained that all I needed was a humidistat. It’s a control device that overrides an air conditioner’s thermostat control. You tell the air conditioner to kick on only when the indoor humidity level has reached a certain threshold between 0% and 100%. You can keep your air conditioner off during extremely hot afternoons if the relative humidity is low enough where a window breeze is enough without running the air conditioner regularly. I’m already saving a sizable chunk of income on my energy needs simply from installing the humidistat in my home’s central heating and cooling system.



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