How does he live like this

In all honesty I have no idea how my husband was able to survive before we got together.

Before we started dating this man did as little as possible to maintain his home.

One day I met up with him at his house for the first time to watch a movie together. The minute that I walked in I was hit with an extreme blast of cold air even though it was right in the middle of the winter. I asked him if he had something wrong with his heating and cooling unit or something like that. This guy just looked at me with a confused look and said no. After I looked around I noticed that his heating and cooling unit was extremely old and clearly in need of some major repair. On top of the extremely low quality of heating in his home it was also poorly kept and a handful of things in the house also looked as if they were close to breaking. My husband has always been a lone wolf that had to take care of himself since a young age so he never had much guidance when it came to HVAC care. It was a bizarre thing having to teach a grown man the bare essentials of how to take care of a home, but I liked him so much that I did it anyways. Now that it has been five years my husband has come a very long way in terms of home maintenance and has even picked up a few skills from our usual HVAC repairman.


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