Trying to make it all work

One year ago when I told my parents that I was leaving the small town that I grew up in to attend college twelve hours away in the big city they were surprised to say the very least.

Before I packed up my bags and left they told me that they supported my decision and were wishing me the best, but since I was so far away with no other family near me I was pretty much all on my own.

One of the very first problems that I had to solve had to do with my apartment situation. The landlord of my apartment was a very old and stubborn man that was near impossible to get a hold of when I needed him the most. On my first night after moving into the house I woke up early in the morning to find that my heating and cooling unit wasn’t responding. I quickly called my landlord to see what I should do but got no response. Finally after waiting for nearly five hours in my freezing cold apartment my landlord called me back and told me that I would have to take care of it. Not knowing what else to do, I called over to the closed HVAC heating and cooling company, told them the situation I was in, and asked what I should do next. The HVAC repairman who I was talking to was very reasonable and understanding. He was able to put me on a payment plan that had very reasonable monthly fees. Even though my landlord is still terrible, he gave me a crash course in dealing with terrible people all the time in the real world without even knowing it. And for that, I am thankful!
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