The Long Bike Ride To The HVAC Dealer

Last fall I had some really bad misfortune. My car had broke down, and I was having to take taxi cabs and busses everywhere. Had to take them to work, to the grocery store…you name it! I had recently at the time just completed school and got my official HVAC certification. I really badly wanted to get out of the minimum wage job I was stuck at, and applied for my first job in the HVAC industry at the local heating and cooling company. I had my interview set up, and I had no car to get there! Taking a taxi was out of the question because it would cost too much, and the busses ran nowhere near the heating and cooling company. So, I decided to get creative, pulled out my old bike and rode the bike to my HVAC job interview! It was going to be a very long bike ride as the local heating and air conditioning company was clear across town. It was a good thing it was the fall months. Otherwise, I would have never been able to do this is ultra hot temperatures. I started out three hours before my HVAC job interview, and by the time I got there, I had only 15 minutes to spare. If you want to talk about a close call, this was it! I nearly was late for my job interview at the local heating and air conditioning company! The good news ended up being that I got the job. Today, I am still working at that local heating and cooling company as an official HVAC specialist!

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