It’s too hot for baseball

My little boy plays travel baseball every summer.

He starts when the weather is still a little bit cooler, but then it really starts heating up fast once summer starts. Lately, he’s been playing in these two and three day long tournaments and the weather has just been brutally hot. My poor son wants to stay in the house in the air conditioning but then we have to go out to the ball field where he gets so hot and sweaty and dusty that he can’t stand it. I actually sit out in the parking lot with the car running and the A/C on full blast until the last possible second when the game starts. I feel bad for the boys in their jerseys and their long baseball pants. I know they are all sweating like crazy. Sometimes I will leave the A/C on in the car just so they can go jump in the back seat for a few minutes to cool off when they are waiting in line to bat. I guess it’s a little bit sad that we as a society are so dependent on air conditioning. But when you live in a climate like the one we live in, you almost have to have A/C during the summers if you want to spend any time at all outside. And when you’re playing travel baseball, you spend basically all of your time outside! This past weekend the temperature got up into the high nineties and I just thought it was way too hot for all of these little boys to be out playing baseball in the blaring sun. I ended up buying one of those portable air conditioning units to set up under the tent with all of our chairs and it was a big hit!

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