My mom keeps her house so hot that I can’t even stand to visit sometimes

I love my mom a lot.

We are basically best friends and we do a lot together.

We have lunch together at least three times a week, and she helps out with my kids whenever I need to go shopping or to the doctor or something like that. It’s very nice having her around to help out with the kids. The problem is that she’s always inviting me to come and hang out over at her house and I never want to go. It’s not because I don’t like her and I don’t want to be around her, though. It’s because she keeps the thermostat in her house set at such a high temperature that I can barely stand to be in her house! My mom is on this blood thinning medication that makes her cold all the time and so she hardly ever turns her air conditioning on. At my house, the thermostat is always set at 70 degrees or below and so her house feels like a furnace to me! She gets mad because I always want her to come to my house, where she freezes and has to put on a sweater and extra socks. But I tell her that it’s easier for her to get warmer at my house than it is for me to get cooler at her house! She has central air conditioning at her house, but I honestly don’t think that she ever turns it on. The last time I was there, the thermostat reading said that the temperature in the house was 82 degrees! That’s not a temperature that I like even when I’m outside at the beach!

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