I own one of the most prosperous HVAC companies around

When I was young, my family and I moved to this fabulous country, America.

I will never forget the first time that I felt actual air conditioning.

This was something that we were not accustomed to, and it was something of a luxury to our entire family. Most people in our home country, did not have access to this advanced type of cooling equipment. We would just get through the hot days, and we were used to it. This feeling of air conditioning was a total life-changing experience. When I learned that most everybody in this marvelous country had A/C, including all the schools, shopping centers, and restaurants; I felt like I was in heaven. This was more than just the land of dreams and opportunity, this was the land of total comfort and bliss! As soon as I was able to feel the cooling comfort of an air conditioner, I was entirely fascinated with this equipment. I was lucky one day when somebody was actually throwing away a window A/C unit. I couldn’t believe someone would actually throw away something as wonderful as that, and I went to take it back home. I was able to take it apart and check out all the inner workings of the equipment. I cleaned it out thoroughly and figured out how to get it working again. Ever since that time, I have repaired countless HVAC systems, and eventually I went to a trade school to become HVAC certified. Now I own one of the most prosperous HVAC companies in the region.


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