There is no air conditioning if there isn’t any power.

We have a generator that has been hard-wired into our junction box.

Supposedly, when the power goes out, the generator is supposed to kick on within a couple seconds so we are not without lights, water, heating or air conditioning.

I don’t care if we don’t have television or anything else, but we need our water and our HVAC. My husband has a heart problem that means he needs his heating and air conditioning if he wants to be able to breathe comfortably. It was when he was first diagnosed that we had the generator installed. Unfortunately, there are times when the generator doesn’t kick on. Last week, our breaker box was hit with lightning. The lightning travelled down the wire and right into the breaker box, shorting out every electrical system in our home. We didn’t have any air conditioning and no way to get power to get the AC working. Our daughter wanted us to come to her house until we could get the insurance company to the house, but she didn’t have a spare room. We ended up in a local hotel, for well over a week. Our granddaughter was only three at the time and she had never been in a hotel. She moved in with us and she loved all of the air conditioning they gave us ‘for free’. She ate in the hotel with us and she watched someone make our bed. She told her mom that her Papa and Nana were the king and ‘quing’ of the hotel. She wanted to move into the hotel so she could have always have air ‘conditionering’ and lots of food in her bed.

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