I’m looking for a good deal on a ductless HVAC system.

I was looking for a good deal on a good HVAC system. I called several different HVAC companies and asked them to come out and talk to me about the ductless HVAC system and what would be best for our home. My husband had already done research online, but he didn’t want to install the ductless HVAC on his own. We were past the age where we wanted to be climbing on ladders on trying to hold onto a heavy HVAC unit while attaching it to the house. We knew that either the mini split HVAC would end up on the ground, one of us would end up on the ground, or possible even all three. We were no longer that stable. We had read the cautions about being taken in by scammers and we knew someone who had been. She gave him over $2000 and now she had to pay a HVAC company to put in a ductless HVAC that was right for her home and that worked. We talked to four different HVAC companies. All but one of them gave us close estimates. The one was so low that we were really unsure about them. My husband asked the first three why they were so much higher than the fourth. We were told that there was always a few things that could happen and they build those incidentals into their estimates. One HVAC company told us that even if the cost went over their estimate, we would not need to pay more than what they quoted. I liked that idea and chose them to be the HVAC company to install our ductless HVAC.


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