Christmas is less than six months away and I want my furnace service done.

I know that it is only July, but I also know that once July ends, the weather begins to cool.

We live in an area where the weather is harsh and we have been known to have snow in the beginning of October.

Just two years ago, we had 18 inches of snow on Halloween eve. That had people scrambling because many of them hadn’t had their furnace maintenance done and they knew they were going to need their furnace when that forecast came out. My husband and I were one of those who hadn’t had the HVAC company come in and service our furnace. We had to wait for almost two weeks to get the maintenance done on our furnace, only to find out we had a problem. We were really glad that our son had talked us into purchasing a maintenance agreement for our HVAC system. Without it, it would have cost us quite a bit of money between the servicing and repairs they had to make. So, even though it is only July, I want to get into the line-up now, so I know that my furnace will have any repairs done, and the tune-up done, long before the furnace is needed. I don’t want to be caught in another snowstorm and wondering if I will have heat. If I need to have a new heating installed, I want to know now. I will have a couple months to decide what kind of heating system I want installed, and to then have the HVAC company do the installation.

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